Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Stat Eye Consult Work?

Stat Eye Consult makes it easy to get the answers you need and FAST! Ask us all the questions that come up that don't have easy answers found in books or research papers. We provide access to practicing physicians that know the answers to clinical questions because they are practicing too! You get access to subspecialists anytime and anywhere. Don't live in a place with lots of other providers? Don't worry, because Stat Eye Consult links you to subspecialist who can provide you with helpful information. Ask us specific questions by providing a case scenario or an imaging study with your specific question and within a short time, you will receive a Stat Eye Consult! With this resource at your fingertips, you can make more specific and guided choices to enhance your care.

Can I choose if I submit a question to an individual specialist or the entire STAT Eye Consult community?

When you submit your case, you can submit to either a specialist to get a tailored response from one of our experts or you can post your question to the entire community in order to get feedback from your colleagues. Community forum posts do not use your monthly consult credits.

What subspecialists do I have available with STAT Eye Consult?

At your fingertips, you have access to board certified retina, glaucoma, uveitis, cornea, and oculoplastic subspecialists. We also provide you access to subspecialist optometrists specializing in neurology, binocular vision disorders, and contact lenses. All with one membership, you have a team ready to help you, anytime, anywhere!

How Long Does it Take to get a Response from Stat Eye Consult?

All providers careful review your cases and take time to answer your questions thoughtfully and accurately in order to help you learn. You can expect to receive an answer to your questions within 48 hours from your submission.

Is Stat Eye Consult a Provider for the Case Scenarios Discussed?

No. There should be no identifying information in case scenarios or questions submitted. As such, these scenarios are based on hypothetical situations for teaching purposes. We understand that case scenarios will likely be based on situations encountered by the provider, but since our physicians do not see any of those patients in a real-time setting, there are limitations. The licensed provider examining and treating the patient is responsible for their patient. Stat Eye Consult is designed to help, support, and supplement the knowledge of the provider caring for the patient, not make specific decisions for care.

Is My Information Used or Made Public to Anyone?

No, your information and use of this website is confidential and is not shared with anyone.

Can I Put in Patient Identifying Information into the Site?

No, Stat Eye Consult does not take responsibility for any HIPPA violations. Knowing any specific patient identifying information is unnecessary. Each scenario should be presented as a case presentation without any details regarding the identity of a specific person.